Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Music Room Website!

I am trying out my very own Music room website and I am so excited! I think I will use it especially for information of upcoming events, posting PDFs of notes, and to show parents what we are doing in the Music room! I am completely new to this, so please give me some tips or let me know if you have a classroom website or blog and what you use it for!

I used Weebly for mine. I wanted to keep it nice, simple and easy to use! Weebly is super easy to set up! Weebly can be used for classroom teachers too. Ms. St. Laurent at my school just created a great one for her grade 1 class and plans to add a blog to it for her kids to interact on-line!

Check out my Weebly page!

Stay tuned!


  1. Our county provides web space to host a class website. I started mine 4 years ago and it is a great resource, as long as you keep it up to date. At the time I didn't have all of the software I needed available to me at school. Now that I do, I am able to add links, documents, new information as often as I need to.

    On my site I have the following tabs: upcoming events, chorus, orff, recorder, instrument of the month.

    I use it mostly to keep parents informed and as a place to upload documents they may need access to. Instrument of the Month was a fun place for the kids to hear more recordings/videos of the instrument we were working on and links to fun interactive sites.

  2. Thanks so much for your ideas Emily! I'm curious to see how my grade tabs go. I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep up! I might have to take some of your suggestions. Thanks!

    1. We were given 'professional' websites through the school Each staff member has one and each staff member uses it differently. You can check both of mine out:

      I upload newsletters, keep a calender of events, music advocacy links, conversation starters, music student of the month, and my class schedule. One thing my students love is the Music Fun for Everyone tab. I have ALL sorts of great music internet games on there. It is helpful for me to have all the websites in one place and whenever we play one of the games (on the Smartboard) I can point it out and encourage students to 'practice' at home. :)

      I am currently working on a parent resources tab. This will have information about music, as well as, tips for parents to incorporate music 'lessons' at home. Worksheets, games, and activities for parents to do with kids and general information. I have learned from parents in the past that they like what I put on my website, but they want to be able to help their children grow musically. A lot of them do not have the training and they want resources that 'teach' them, so they can help their child(ren).

  3. Good luck with your site. I like the idea of the grade level tabs.

  4. Wow Brittany! Thanks for all of your ideas! Your websites look great! I love the idea of the Music Fun for Everyone tab! I really like the parent resource tab ideas as well.

    I decided to cut my grade level tabs from every grade to just a K-3 tab and a 4-6 tab. That way I can see all of my tabs!

    We will have to share some internet game ideas!

    - Steph