Sunday, 4 November 2012

Rhythm Robots!

I am currently getting music centres organized and I am having so much fun! I came across a great idea from Sing A New Song. She uses lego blocks with her students in order to build rhythms. I was in Dollarama yesterday and came across these! A pack for only $3.00, so I bought two. 

I bought mini labels and cut them to fit the blocks.

I was going to keep these rounded off pieces out of our centres, but then I thought they looked like feet! I thought, "We could make robots!"

Students will have three different activities to do at the Robot Rhythms centre. While in pairs, one partner builds a robot with the blocks. When finished, their partner must clap and say the rhythms from head to toe and then toe to head. Partners then switch jobs.

The second activity is similar, except the student rolls a die before building their robot. The number they roll, will show the amount of beats their robot must contain.  

I still really like the idea of how Sing a New Song has the students build their rhythms similar to the photo below, because they will read it from left to right, as they would in standard notation. I am including blocks in the centre package that will be able to be used in this way. The left to right rhythm building will be the third activity and again the die will be used.

I also found our robots a friend at Dollarama! You gotta love Christmas stuff out at the same time as Halloween! I also love that this guy is so ugly that he's cool!

Have a great week and comment about your favourite music centre activity that students in your classroom do!


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