Tuesday, 13 November 2012

On My Way to AOSA Conference!

Weeeeeee! I am currently sitting in the Minneapolis airport waiting to board my flight to St. Louis for this year's AOSA conference! I am so excited to be spending the rest of the week with a bunch of other kooky Music teachers! As a Canadian, I am extra excited for a trip to the States, not to mention take part in the Amerian Orff Schulwerk Association's HUGE national conference. Click HERE for the AOSA conference website!

I have chosen my sessions and am looking forward to learning from clinicians who I have seen before, whose resources I love using in my classroom, and clinicians who are brand new to me! Some clinicians I will be seeing are Doug Goodkin, Sofia Lopez-Ibor, Paul Corbiere, Patrick Ware, and Artie Almeida. I use resources by each of these clinicians in my classroom! Other clinicians who I don't know too much about, but am really looking forward to attending their sessions are Cheryle Lawrence, Kris Oleson and fellow Canadian Sue Harvie.

St. Louis here we come!

- Steph


  1. Ummm....so jealous right now! Wish I were headed that way too. Hope you have a fantastic time. :)

  2. Lucky Duck!! Have fun in St.Louis!!