Monday, 9 September 2013

2/4 Tuesday! Ideas for the Music Classroom!

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I'm including a couple random ideas. My classroom tour photos are still to come this week!

1. The Best Beatbox Video You Will Ever See
So I have to teach a double class in my little room. That's about 50 grade 5/6 students in my itty bitty room. So to get settled into the space for the first time, we watched this amazing video! I fast forwarded his talk at the beginning though, a couple jokes that wouldn't be good for the kiddoes ;)

2. Student Workbook/Journals
This is something new I am trying this year. It's quite a bit of work, but I think it will be worth it. Hoping anyways!  I am trying these Music workbooks out with my grade 2 and 3 classes this year.

First, I bought a whack of notebooks from Staples (4 for 99 cents!) and cut them in half.

Then I decided what I wanted inside them. I decided to put three copies of each work page (that I know for sure I'm using) in each booklet. One copy for each term, which also helps with having consistent assessment. I used glue tape from the dollar store put the pages in.

 I decided to do "Composer of the Season" this year instead of monthly composers.

 Youtube performance video reviews (reflective thinking).

 Rhythmic dictation sheets.

 Simplified rhythmic dictation as well.

 Self-assessment sheets for singing. Students mark a plus sign, checkmark or minus sign beside each sentence. Plus means "I do this every time", checkmark means "I do this most times" and minus means "I need to work on this".

 Ta and ti-ti worksheets for grade 1. Poem from Doug Goodkin's Intery Mintery.

Ta-a worksheets for grade 2.

Click HERE for everything I have included in journals.

I like the idea of this because written assessments are in one spot and progress from term to term can clearly be seen. We'll see how it goes! What do you do to keep track of written work?

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  1. I love your Student Notebooks; especially your Composer of the Season pages. Great idea! I have failed at Composer of the Month plans in the past; there is just so much to do in class.

    I'll also borrow your idea of self-assessment sheets for singing. I might make this into a SMART Board clicker test, it would be an interesting "check for understanding" for the while class.
    Thank you for the ideas!

  2. Just discovered your Blog - LOVE it
    Would it be possible to download a PDF or word doc of your criss-cross sheet and Jim Along Josie?
    Here is my website for students and parents to follow some of what we do at home.

    1. Thanks for the visit! I added the pdf file of all of the worksheets included in my books.
      I will check out your website!