Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Grade 1 Body Percussion Compositions

In preparation for Multi-Cultural Week at my school, I am teaching Rhythms of One World by Gary Fry to our whole school. I have the background track that will be great to use in the gym for our assembly. It's fun and adding some movement has made it even more fun!
Click HERE to check it out on the Alfred website.

There is an instrumental break in the middle of the piece and I thought it would be fun for my grade 1 students to create body compositions using text that I made up, but went well with the meaning of the song.
We went through each pattern and tried it on different spots on our body.

 After modeling and creating one as a class, students created their own compositions using this chart and colouring the body percussion boxes accordingly, lining up their choice up with each beat of the rhythm pattern.

The kids really enjoyed doing this!
Click HERE for the FREE Smartnotebook file for the composition lesson, and HERE for the student composition worksheet.
I am always looking for ideas that encourage creativity with my K-1 students. What kinds of composition activities do you do with your younger students?

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