Sunday, 21 September 2014

Fun, Pirate Themed Resources!

Happy Belated Talk Like a Pirate Day!
I just want to say that I loved pirates before they were cool.
Kinda obsessed circa 2005.
Yaar. Due t' scurvy, I have dark circles under me eaye!
(pirate translator HERE

Anyways… In honour on National Talk Like a Pirate Day last Friday, I thought I would share my favourite Pirate themed Music resources!

New pirate shark stuffy:
Isn't he cute??!!

The musical to get kids excited and totally engaged.
 Yaar matey! There is now a second Pirates musical! Check it out!

This is a fun book to do soundscapes and compositions with. The illustrations are amazing!
 And it's a pop-up book! Super cool.

A new choral piece that I will be using for my 2/3 choir this school year!
An up-beat super fun pirate piece!
I am very excited for this!

Happy Pirate's Day!

What fun pirate-themed stuff do you use with your students?


  1. Love the site! I’ve created lots of free resources for sharing multicultural music with children.  Please stop by and check out my site.  Especially the contests and freebies at:
    All The Best,

  2. YARRRR I am so happy to have found another music educator who shares my PIRATTITUDE. I always go all-out on TLAPD. I found some great resources on TPT this year... I am definitely going to look for that Pirates Musical book for next year though!

    Rachel Tanenblatt
    Music With Mrs. Tanenblatt