Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Two FUN Music Games for ANY grade!

Who doesn't love games?! These are two super fun and simple games that I like playing at the end of a class or during a music games class.
This is super simple and I am sure most of you have your own rendition of this. All you need is a piece of music that the kids can dance to! I like using Kidz Bop versions of songs that students listen to on the radio for this game.
How to Play:
1. Review Game Rules
In my classroom those are:
  • hands to yourself (no partner dancing)
  • no break dance moves (feet stay on floor)
  • people who are out must sit on the steps and can only dance with the top of their body
  • choose one spot and stay there once you are out
  • I am the judge and if someone else tries to "judge" then they are out!
2. Have students spread out and start dancing once the music begins.
3. When you pause the music, students must freeze. If a student moves when the music has stopped, they are out!

 My kids love this one too and it is appropriate for any level as well.

How to Play:
1. Decide on two rhythm patterns to play on hand drum, each matching a frozen position. For example, "ta ta ti-ti ta" could mean hands on your head and "ta ta ta rest" could mean hands straight up.

2. Students are spread out in a scatter formation facing the teacher, who is the caller (or eventually this could be given to a student).

3. The caller plays one of the two rhythms on the hand drum and students must quickly get into the appropriate frozen position. The last person to do so, is out! Anyone who is frozen in the incorrect position is out!

This is a great game for silent focus! I have a rule where if you talk, you are out!

What quick, fun games do you play with your students?

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