Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bring on the Bugs!

I am so excited to be presenting at the Canadian Music Educators' Association conference this coming weekend! I am also very thrilled to be presenting two sessions together with my very good friend and colleague, Sean!

Bring on the Bugs is an energetic session full of music games and activities for the early years music classroom as we explore the theme of bugs. The ideas focus on literacy, singing, speech ostinati, soundscapes, composition, and improvisation... and they are all buzzing with fun!

A quick activity from Bring on the Bugs is Ladybug Vocal Slides! Vocal slide warm-ups can be a fun, energetic way to get students engaged immediately! Using their finger, have students draw their sound in the air as they "read" each vocal slide card, vocalizing each one. Click on the link below for a FREE pdf of of the vocal slide cards.

For those of you who attended our session, click on the link below to find the manipulatives for our fun Caterpillar Crawl activity!


  1. Could you explain the Caterpillar Crawl activity? It looks like something I could use in my 1st grade music class that is starting to write rhythms....thanks!

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