Monday, 29 June 2015

Making Music Outside! Rhythm Squares!

Two more days left. Yes that's right my American friends. We STILL have two days left of school until summer break.

I love being outside with the kids as much as I can at this time of year, so I made up a game to get us out there on the sunny days!


  • Using a four square grid in the playground, I drew different 4-beat rhythm in each square.
  • The class was split into two teams and made two lines, lining up one behind the other about ten feet away from the rhythm squares.
  • Once we started, I clapped one of the four rhythms. The first person from each team had to find the rhythm and step on that rhythm square first in order to get a point.
  • Both players went to the back of their respective lines and the next two people faced off.
  • After each student had a turn, the game was finished and the team with the most points won!
  • It was so fun and the kids LOVED it!
Thanks to my student O*** for coming up with the name of the game!


  1. Great idea! Now, if only we had a 4-square spot! LOL! I think I could draw one!

  2. Looks like fun! I can see it morphing into a solfege game too!

  3. Great idea! It's a more physical extension of the 'rhythm swat' game- will try it soon with my elementary classes. Thank you!