Sunday, 12 August 2012

I Like to Move It, Move It!

Does everyone remember that song from the 90's? Man... I love the 90's. Dance mix '95 was a classic! Anyways, this blog is not about 90's music. It's about adding a neat DIY movement prop!

I made a movement ball yesterday and I am really excited to use it! I got the idea from a Party Planning blog called The Party Animal.

Their rendition of it is a homemade "Toss 'n Talk" ball. Apparently these are pretty popular, but I had never seen them before! This "Toss 'n Talk" ball could also be used in the Music room especially if you are new to the school and want to get to know the students better. This would also be fun to make for a class review of music genres, or composers!
After coming across the Toss' N' Talk ball, I actually found a movement version of it on Amazon.

And that's where the DIYing began! 
All you need is:
A big ball
Permanent markers
Friends with ideas!
Write and doodle moves on a bouncy ball, fill it up and your done!

To use the movement ball, students simply toss, catch, and do the move that is beneath their right thumb! At the beginning of the year, I will also have my students choose a partner to do their move with them. That way, they'll have more confidence and fun! I also had a suggestion for another idea from a friend to have students roll the ball to the next person instead of throwing it.

I am so excited to use this! I hope you are too! I would love to see your creations!

- Steph


  1. I love this idea! Have you used this with grade 5 and 6 students?

  2. I'm definitely going to have to do this with my classes. :)

  3. Vanessa- I have used this quickly as a focus tool with my grade 5s. They think I'm nuts, but it works so far. Just as long as I use it on occasion. I haven't played games with the 5s and 6s using the ball yet. It would be fun to use to build community and confidence. After today's Music classes, I realize that I need to work more on confidence before getting students to perform on their own!

    Laura- If you end up using a movement ball, I would love to hear how!