Monday, 24 September 2012

Rhythmic Popsicle Sticks!

I have devoted September to rhythm learning craziness. Since I have been at my school for a few years now, it is has taken less time to go over routines and we have been able to get right down to music learning business!

This past week I taught my grade 2s all about ta-a. We move it with jumps (versus walk=ta and tip-toe=ti-ti), we sing it (I use the traditional "Jim along Josie"), we look at it, we talk about it.

After all of that, the students dictate rhythms that I perform for them. Prior to writing them out, I like for my grade 1 and 2 students to use manipulatives to dictate. 

Popsicle sticks are so easy to use! I have students use them for their tas and ti-tis. I cut pipe cleaners in thirds in order to make circles that will be attached to sticks for ta-as. I also cut pipe cleaners in thirds to make quarter rests. Students have everything they need! 

I find this activity very useful to do formative assessment. It is easier for me to see their work from far away and it takes less time to see who needs help.

I will post a "Jim along Josie" Smartboard activity in the next few days. I want to try it out with my kiddies first!

- Steph


  1. I am also working on rhythms with all my classes. I will be posting a game that I have been using with my 3-5 grade students in the next couple days. I created it myself and my students seem to really enjoy it. :)

  2. Sounds great Brittany! Can't wait to see it!

  3. We use popsicle sticks and bottle caps for this activity. I have the students place the bottle cap with the solid top down, so it is "open" for the half note. I love the pipe cleaners, though. What a perfect way to create rests. Children love the manipulatives and you are right about being able to check for understanding from across the room. Thanks for sharing!