Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Holiday Concert Costumes!

Holiday concert is over and vacation has begun! I thought I'd post a couple costumes from the concert.

This year my grade 1 to 3 students performed the new Hal Leonard musical "Twinkle and Shine" by John Jacobson and John Higgins. I loved it, the kids loved it and I heard a lot of great feedback from the families and our staff.

I left most of my pictures at school so I will show more costumes later... but in the meantime, here are two of the bird costumes that a parent volunteer made.

Besides for forest birds, the musical also included pine trees!

I made these with the help of some amazing educational assistants and teachers! I found a couple Youtube tutorials from Expert Village to make the NO SEW ponchos! Link on the videos below for the tutorials. I measured my ponchos to be 1metre x 1metre. They are soooo easy!

The hats were a bit trickier. Initially we took poster board and made a tall cone by stapling and taping it together. We covered the cone with left over fleece from the poncho. You can see in the picture that the cone rests right on the top of the child's head. We found out at our dress rehearsal though, the hats kept sliding all over the kids' heads because the hats were so tall and heavy.

Our solution was... to make shorter cones that fit into the very top of the tree hat, but kept the fleece the same length. That way it fit more like a toque (winter hat for my American readers!) and the fleece fit nice and snug, keeping it on their heads. With less poster board, there was also less weight. We added fleece ties with a glue gun, to keep the hats from falling off. These hats worked out! And these trees looked precious!

Sorry for the "children of the corn" spooky students pics! I can't figure out how to black out spots using iPhoto! Any suggestions?

Tell me about your costumes! I love new ideas!

- Steph

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