Monday, 10 December 2012

Tips and Tricks for Engaging Rehearsals #3

Here is the last of the Tips and Tricks for Engaging Rehearsals! I will start posting photos of my concert costumes, props and backdrops this coming week! Yay!

Sometimes I notice that my kids are getting restless during a rehearsal. I take 5 minutes to play a quick game that will get their jitters out!

Four Corners
Most of you probably already know how to play a version of this, but here is the version I play with my kids that I got from the teacher I was student teaching with 5 years ago! 
1. Create 4 cards that each represent a different song you are working on.  
2. Post the cards in different corners of your room. 
3. Choose a caller to stand a t the front of the room. The rest of the students start in the middle of the room and the caller turns away closing their eyes. 
4. The caller then says, "Choose your corner. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1". The rest of the students go to a corner while the caller is not looking. 
5. Before turning around, the caller sings part of one of the songs (or plays a recording of it). 
6. Whoever was standing at the corner of that particular song is out and must sit in the middle of the room.
7.  The game continues until there is a winner or until the caller sings a song that no one is standing at. In that case everyone in the middle is back in and the game restarts.

Drum Talk
This is a quick game I like to play in the middle of a rehearsal to give the kids a movement break.
1. Have students spread out in the room and face you.
2. Take a hand drum and choose 2 different simple 4-beat rhythms.
3. Each rhythm represents a different stance. For example "ta ta ti-ti ta" could mean hands by your sides, while "ta ta ta" means arms in a T position.
4. Play the two rhythms on the drum while the class does the stances that go along with the rhythms. the last student to change their position or if someone does the wrong stance they are out. The last person standing wins!

Shadow Dance
This is a super quick and easy way to add a movement break! This is a simplified version of an activity I saw Jeff Kriske & Randy Delelles present at a conference in October.
1. Take a triangle and have students line up behind you.
2. Play a background track that you are working on (or another piece of music if you are not using background tracks).
3. Have students follow behind you (like your shadow) in a line and do what ever you do! Do any kind of dance move as you travel around the room (hand in the air, turn, anything!).
4. Once you play the triangle sound, the leader moves to the back of the line and a new leader takes charge!

Freeze Dance
Easiest game EVER! Kids love it and it is the simplest thing.
1. Put some music on and have students dance!
2. When the music stops they must freeze, or they are out!
3. Once students are out, they sit to the side and may dance with their upper body.
4. Last one standing wins!

- Steph

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