Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Technology Tuesday- Melody Street and Young Music Genius!

I am currently working on orchestral instrument families with my grade 2 students. I have been trying out some different tech resources to help us learn about this. Check out my post Orchestra Activities for the Smartboard to find on-line resources that I have tried out earlier this month.

Thanks to Brittany over at Making Music Memories who commented about how wonderful Melody Street is! Thanks for introducing me to Melody Street Brittany! It was actually one of those many things that I had pinned and then forgot to look at. Oops!

Melody Street is FANTASTIC! It is great interactive story for iPads but also works on your Smartboard or just anything that will project a video from your computer. We started by using Melody Street on our Smartboard. We listened to the story of "The House on Melody Street", starting with chapter one. Watch it on Youtube: 

After watching each chapter and learning more about the instruments, we played the instrument guessing games found HERE on the Melody Street website. There are many different games, but we played the "Memory Card Game" and "What's That Instrument?" on the Smartboard as a whole class and it worked well.

During the next Music class the students tried "Young Music Genius", a great iPad app and it's free! In pairs, my grade 2 students used the iPads and played an instrument sound matching game on the Young Music Genuis app. There is also a memory card game that's fun to play. They loved both games! 

I love sharing ideas! Please let me know what you think of these resources! I would love to her what you do with your students as well!

- Steph

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