Saturday, 19 January 2013

Under the Sea- Move Like a Jellyfish!

I am doing an Under the Sea theme right now with my K-3 students and they are loving it! We are having so much fun with it. Here is a photo of my bulletin board this month!

This past week in grade 2 we read poems from Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae. We focused on the Jellyfish poem and did a few things with it.
  • First I read the Jellyfish poem, then we all read it together. 
  • Next we brainstormed words to describe how a jellyfish would move.
  • We then chose instrument sounds that would match those words.
  • Finally, we practiced moving like jellyfish: slow, smooth, floating, curvy, jiggly.
  • Some children created an underwater soundscape to portray the movement, while the rest moved like jellyfish.
  • The following class we reviewed how a jellyfish would move and then painted that movement!

I found this great idea for jellyfish from Kristin over at For the Love of Art. Check out her blog for the instructions!

This was such a fun way to connect poetry, music and visual art!

What are your songs and ideas that would fit into an Under the Sea theme? Please share!!

- Steph

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