Friday, 22 March 2013

Neat Videos!

It's officially SPRING BREAK! Wohoooo! 
I was exhausted this week! I could barely keep my eyes open!

The kids are ready for a break too. I shared these videos with my kids this week to take a 5 minute chill break. After each video, we discussed what we enjoyed and what we maybe didn't enjoy while watching the videos.

Check them out!

The Vegetable Orchestra
Soooooo neat! I had a lot of students who, after watching this, attempted to make their own at home!

Cello Wars by the Piano Guys
This is awesome! I LOVE Star Wars and so many of my students do as well. Especially boys. 
This was a great opportunity to talk about electric instruments that we usually hear as acoustic. 

You Da One- by The Pentatonix
This is a great video and all of their arrangements are amazing! Rihanna is coming to our city soon, so a lot of the older kids got extra excited for the concert as we watched this video (waaaaayyyyy more appropriate than a Rihanna video btw...). After watching this, we discussed a cappella music, and what each person's role in the ensemble was in this video.


What cool videos do you find on Youtube that are appropriate for the Music room?

- Steph

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