Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Music Monday is Coming Up!

I am happy and proud to be a Canadian Music Teacher Blogger! 
I am looking for even more of us! Where are yooooooou?

I am extra proud to be a Manitoba Music Specialist and Blogger! Music education is thriving in our province and I am fortunate to be a part of it!

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Music Monday in Canada is put on every year by the Coalition for Music Education. Every year there is a theme and a song is chosen as our "Music Monday Song". The idea is that students from all over Canada sing the Music Monday song on the first Monday in May, at the same time! 

This year our theme is "Filling the Skies with Music" and the song is incredible! Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield and Canadian band The Barenaked Ladies teamed up and wrote "I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)". The song was recorded while Chris Hatfield was aboard the International Space Station! The video is so neat and the pairing of musicians is so inspiring!

Check this out! 

What kinds of Music advocacy events does your school/division/province/country support?

- Steph


  1. I am a piano teacher in Saskatchewan. Although I don't blog for my piano studio, I do blog about my play-based learning ideas for my kids, which includes the occasional music play ideas. Anyway, it is so great to read your blog and find out you're from Manitoba. :)

  2. Dyan- your blog is so cute and you have great ideas! Thank-you for checking my blog out! It's great to hear you're from Saskatchewan!
    - Steph