Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Fun Activities for Teaching about Ode to Joy!

My grade 4 students are preparing to go to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra concert at the end of the month. The orchestra will be playing the Ode to Joy movement from Beethoven's 9th. Today The kids listened to the piece and we talked about what instruments we heard, if we recognized the melody, where have we heard it, etc.

Then we learned the melody on the boomwhackers! It was so fun and the kids really enjoyed playing a recognizable piece on the boomwhackers.

 I found this great Smartboard resource from the Smart Exchange.

Click HERE to grab the free download! Thanks to amcastle for submitted this great resource. Look at their other resources on the Smartexchange!

I also love showing fun video covers of the orchestral pieces we have listening to and learned about. Here is a fun one that uses Ode to Joy!

Do you have any gems for helping to teach any Beethoven pieces?

- Steph


  1. Hi! Found your blog while searching for Ode to Joy activities for kids. I am the author of a music appreciation ebook for kids -- I would love to have you take a look -- I'm a former elem music teacher and now am a homeschooling mom. This curriculum can be for either classroom or homeschool use! http://www.squiltmusic.com

    1. Hi Mary! It is fabulous that you have created such a great resource. I will definitely pass your website along to friends and colleagues. Thanks for sharing!