Monday, 22 April 2013

Assessment Charts!!!!!! Yipeeee!

I know. How exciting. Sorry, I don't have a cool game, or an easy DIY, or some amazing video to share. I have found these charts very helpful over the last few years though!

Assessing hundreds and hundreds of kids in Music can be a daunting task, especially when so much of what we do is hands on and we are right in there with the children getting our hands dirty and making beautiful (or sometimes not so beautiful...) music.

During my first year of teaching, I had my great teaching partner Amanda, who had assessment charts for each term. We created some together as well. ONE PIECE OF PAPER with everything on it! I loved it. I have been using them ever since.

If you're bored already, go to FUN VIDEOS FOR MUSIC hahaha, seriously. 

Manitoba's Music Curriculum is broken down into four essential learning outcomes (our four wings of the butterfly): Music Language and Performance Skills, Creative Expression in Music, Understanding Music in Context , and Valuing Musical Experience. Click HERE to check it out.

Our provincial report card for Music is broken down according to these learning areas. Each of my assessment charts is broken down into 4 main columns with the report card headings.
We write 3 reports a year, so I divide up my specific outcomes into three terms. 

Out report cards use a 4 point scale, with four being the highest mark you can get in grades 1 to 6. When using my assessment charts I either mark in a minus (1), a checkmark (2), a plus (3) or a 4. I also make sure to write in the activity that we did when I was assessing the students.

Anyways... I don't want to go on to much about assessment! Creating these really helped me keep accurate, up to date information that is easily recordable in the busy Music room!

What kind of assessment tricks do you have up your sleeve?

- Steph

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  1. This is great! Way more efficient then what I am doing currently. What program did you use to make them / would you be willing to share the files? I'm loving your blog lately!