Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tech Tuesday- Online Rhythm Trainer!

Check out this cool online rhythm dictation site! I have this on my school website for kids to practice at home if they want to.

Click HERE for the website!

- Steph


  1. What a cool website! I'm going to share this game with my kids. Maybe someday I will have enough netbooks for them to play the game in class. Thank you for sharing.

  2. No problem Emily! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Love this! Going to use it on my SmartBoard with my 1st graders this afternoon! Also, you mentioned you couldn't follow my blog- I checked my settings and I'm not sure how to change that...do you remember how you did it?

  4. Hi Molly! It's so great that you have started blogging! And I am excited to follow you! Here is how to add "follow me" buttons: Go to "layout" on your blog account and click on "add a gadget", a list of gadgets will pop up. First you should choose "follow me by e-mail". Next choose another gadget! Click on "more gadgets" tab on the left side of the screen. More gadgets will pop up. Choose "followers".

    That way I can follow your blog!

    Hope that helps,

  5. Added it- thanks so much, Steph!