Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Instrument Match Up- Free Smartboard File and Quiz!

My grade 4 students went to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra this past week! 

As we were preparing for the field trip, one of their goals was to identify instruments and organize them into the proper instrument families. I created this quick Smartboard group activity to activate their instrument knowledge prior to the concert. 

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With the help of some of our educational assistants, I created bundles of popsicle sticks that were each labeled with an orchestral instrument. Each student practiced grouping the instruments on their own. This was harder for them without the pictures of the instruments, especially since many of my students are EAL learners. 

The following class we reviewed photos and sounds of each instrument, to help them with the instrument words. They did the popsicle stick activity again.

Working on it...

Not quite...

 Ah, there we go... 

After attending the Orchestra concert, I had students do an instrument match up quiz. One page had pictures and once they were finished that sheet, I gave them another match up sheet with the instrument words. 

On the back of the second sheet I had them write and draw a reflection of what they enjoyed at the concert.

What kinds of music events do you take your students to? It's so valuable for them to gain experience as an audience member!

- Steph

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