Saturday, 18 May 2013


You have got to get FUN WITH COMPOSERS, if you haven't already! This is an excellent resource that many Music teachers here in Manitoba use. Deb Ziolkoski has created many amazingly engaging lesson plans that always include classical music, stories, movement, and fun! Her Fun with Composers series is a compilation of these creative lessons. I am curious to know though- is it in every Music teachers "Must Have" collection? It is definitely a must have of mine! 

Click HERE to go to the Fun with Composers website to check out resources. There is currently a free lesson from the book on-line! The newly released "On s'amuse avec les compositeurs" is now available!

Here are my kiddos moving to Dvorak's Slavonic Dance with our teacher candidate. 
The Great Barnyard Dance!  

What are your Music teacher resource "must haves"?

- Steph


  1. This must be destiny... I found your website over the weekend and started following you on Pinterest. Love the Stay Tuned logo. I am following your blog by e-mail now. I look forward to looking at more of your great lessons. Christina

  2. Thanks for following Christina! I just started following you on Pinterest! You have great ideas! I am getting those chickens printed tomorrow morning!
    - Steph