Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tree Costumes for Our Musical!

Spring concert is coming up! I have a pair of tree characters in our musical this year. I started pinning ideas for tree costumes. Here are some projects that inspired me to get started!

I found this cute costume idea HERE.

 These little girls look so cute in the costumes found HERE.

Made by GC featured a homemade tree costume found HERE.

They are all super cute, except my costumes need to be suitable and fit 12 year old boys!
I found $10 hoodies at the good old Canadian store Giant Tiger and got started! I also found brown dress/canvas pants from Value Village.
I painted some black lines to make the tree trunk. I did the same on the pants.  

Next, dark green and lime green leaves were cut from felt. We glued lime green veins onto some of the dark ones to add texture. 

Ta da! Here I am in one of our tree hoodies!

- Steph

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