Saturday, 1 June 2013

Try Thinglink! Way more fun than Powerpoint!

I've fallen in love with Thinglink! It's like interactive Powerpoint. 

I am working on some traditional drumming songs from Ghana with my grade 1 and grade 3 students. I will post about the resource I often use for African drumming later this week. 

It's so important to give students some context when learning songs from different cultures! I will otften show some videos, photos, maps, share stories, etc. to give more meaning and in-depth understanding to what we are learning. Using Thinklink is perfect because you can put all sorts of different information in ONE PLACE!

Here is a photo of the Thinglink I created for students about West African Drumming:

First, I selected a free use photo for my Thinglink. Then, I added touches (those are the question marks). For each touch I could add a link to anything on the internet (videos, definitions, sound clips, photos, etc.) and also include some of my own text.

Click HERE to use my West African Drumming Thinglink with your kids FOR FREE!

Click HERE to join Thinkglink for free and create your own pages to share with your kids!
What did I say~ so much more fun than Powerpoint!

Let me know what you think!

- Steph 

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