Saturday, 7 September 2013

Welcome Back Bulletin Board! And a random fox video...

After 4 days of school, and only 2 days with the kids, I am pooped!

My Music room was under construction, but I was able to get in there on Thursday and get most of my room set up. I started with this super cute bulletin board, an idea that I got from Made for Music Teachers. Click on her link for the printables! She got the idea from Mrs. King who you also need to check out if you haven't already!

 My bulletin board!
And that is supposed to be a NEST not a weird canoe! 

Bach, get it? Like the composer? Like "back"?! Like a chicken sound?! I love it.

Speaking of animal sounds, ever wonder what sound a fox makes? This video is hilarious! Maybe not for your students, but just for your own entertainment. I'm sure after your crazy first weeks back you yourself need a brain break like I did. Hahahaha. And here it is:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and make sure to SLEEP! You need it!

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