Tuesday, 22 October 2013

2/4 Tuesday- October Bulletin Board and Great Mozart Video!

Welcome to another 2/4 Tuesday! It's a bit late tonight, so I hope some of you will still link up! Share 2-4 ideas that you are doing or plan on doing in your Music class. Follow the linky party instructions below to link your blog post! Be sure to check out the other bloggers!

Here are some ideas I am doing in my classroom this week!

1. October Bulletin Board
Yup. Those are paint chips! An idea I got somewhere on Pinterest of course. 

I included some vocal exploration ghosts on my board to include in our vocal warm-ups in October! This was an idea I got from Pinterest as well. If you are interested in ghost vocal exploration cards, click HERE to get some from Lindsay at Teachers Pay Teachers!

I put the Halloween rhythm cards from last week on my board so that classes could create ostinati for our October songs. Super fun. Free printouts of those cards are found HERE!

2. Great Mozart Biography Videos
Our Composer of the Season for Fall is Mozart! I showed this video to my grade 5 and 6 classes after we did a listening/movement lesson to his Rondo alle Turca.


  1. That bulletin board looks really cool. I really wish I had more time to update my classroom bulletin boards, but with running between two schools I just don't have the time. Maybe someday!

    1. Thanks Brittany! Unfortunately, starting next month, we can't have any paper as our backdrop on bulletin boards! It's against fire code. Looks like I'll be back to boring bulletin boards! Boo.

    2. Can you paint the bulletin boards? That is what a lot of people at one of my schools have done.