Monday, 14 October 2013

2/4 Tuesday! FREE Rhythm Cards, Autumn Leaves Song and Sound Cards!

It's 2/4 Tuesday!
Teacher bloggers can link up below with 2-4 of their ideas for the Music room!
I have 3 freebies of my own to share!

I am doing this with my grade 2 classes at the moment. They are practicing their broken bordun with it on the instruments. The students will be creating a B section with movement inspired by their artwork! "Stay Tuned" for student art and movement ideas! Feel free to use this song with your kiddoes.

I wanted to create rhythm cards specifically for two students with special needs. They can keep these cards with them and practice verbalizing and clapping their rhythm patterns with their educational assistants. 8 come in the FREE pack!

These can be used as cards, or as a full sheet. I think I will laminate the full sheet and have my students  with special needs use them outside of Music class to practice hearing, clapping and saying the rhythm of words. Some students will be able to match up rhythms to the words.

Join our party, link up and check out the other bloggers!

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