Sunday, 13 October 2013

Composer of the SEASON ideas!

I have tried time and time again, to implement a composer of the month program. It is HARD! For me anyways! I thought "Why not try a Composer of the Season program??!!" This is much more attainable for my students and I. Instead of focusing on a different composer every month, we do a composer study every season! 

Check out my Fall bulletin board for Composer of the Season!

We are doing Mozart for the Fall season. I got these amazing printables from Sara Bibee on Teachers Pay Teachers. The set is fabulous! Get it HERE! I bought that awesome music note gift wrap paper from Winners and the purple wrapping paper from Dollarama! I LOVE purple if you haven't noticed...

Do you have a composer study program? What do you do? How do you organize it? Share, share, share!

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  1. Hi! I'm so happy to see my work on your blog! I stumbled upon it accidentally! Definitely put a smile on my face. Thank you! :)