Wednesday, 13 November 2013

2/4 Tuesday: DIY Winter Manipulatives and Winter Musical

Welcome to another 2/4 Tuesday (or Wednesday)! Better late than never! 
Thanks to those of you who created a 2/4 Tuesday post already. It's much appreciated.
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1. Winter Rhythm Manipulatives
I saw these at Dollarama as soon as the Christmas stuff came out. Thanks to my awesome student teacher Lauren for writing out the rhythms! 

Snowflakes for grade 1/2 (I am going to trace and cut out royal blue rests).

Snowmen for grade 3. They will also be given snowflakes to mix and match rhythm compositions.

2. Arf on the Housetop!
This is the musical I have chosen to do with my grade 1-3 students this year! I am so excited! It looks super cute and it just came out this year. We will be having auditions on Friday and will be starting our songs next week. Yippeee!


  1. Just for fun... I created a blog button for your site. You can see it here:

    If you would like to add it to your site with the coding for others to grab it, send me an email at and I'll send you the coding. You really don't have to use it, but I wanted to add your button to my site and since you didn't have one I thought I'd make one for you. I thought of the tape since I know you really like that sort of thing. :)

    1. Well aren't you just the sweetest thing! This was so nice of you! Thank you thank you!

  2. Winter! NO! I'm hanging on to fall and falling leaves and pumpkin pie and only needing a space heater and light jacket weather for as long as I can! None of this winter/snow/snowman business! :D

    But seriously, love the post. Can't wait to link up. Is Arf a John Jacobson release through Plank Road? I love his shows. I'm doing December 'Round the World this year. Love em!


  3. Winter is coming for us in Manitoba! We in Canada have Thanksgiving mid-October and that's more like autumn for us!

    Thanks again for linking up David. December 'Round the World is a good one. I did that my first year teaching and had a good time with it! Arf on the Housetop is a John Jacobson/ John Higgins musical produced by Hal Leonard. It looks like so much fun! I can't wait to get my "paws" on it. Haha. Terrible joke.