Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2/4 Tuesday! Backdrops, Costumes and Bulletin Board Ideas!

2/4 Tuesday! Where we post about 2-4 ideas for the Music classroom!
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1. Simple Backdrop Idea
This backdrop stand was something that I decided to create for our holiday concert. We have very strict fire and safety regulations in our school division and backdrops have been an issue. The last few years I have been using 4'x8' coroplast sheets (lightweight sheeting used for election boards) instead of canvas for our backdrops. What is great about the coroplast is that we can paint over it time and time again. The sheets that we have, have been painted over 5 times now! 
For this past holiday concert I only used two sheets, one on each side of the stage, because we perform that concert off-site. Creating these stands out of PVC piping makes mounting each backdrop so simple and is easy to transport! This year, our grade 1-3 students performed Arf! On the Housetop by John Jacobson and John Higgins. Some fabulous teacher volunteers painted the beautiful backdrops to fit the scene! 

2. Dalmatian Costume
I know that you aren't always in dire need of a dalmatian costume, but the kids were so cute in their dog costumes and make-up that I just HAD to share one of them!
These costumes were fleece onsies used as snowmen for a past concert. We cut and glued black felt circles to it and voila, a dalmatian! I found the cowboy hats just by chance at a dollar store for a buck during a Halloween clearance sale. Score! Woot woot!

3. Winter Bulletin Board
Here is a bulletin board that my teacher candidate put together in December! I will be keeping it up for January I think. I love those snowmen! Thanks LZ!
 Do you like my editing job? Hee… hee….. my school has a name but it's a secret… :)

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  1. Hi Steph! Cute ideas. I want to link up, but don't see the button. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Aileen! So sorry! I didn't realize the button wasn't showing up. It's working now!

  2. Love the PVC backdrop! Great idea! I'm going to have to remember this!

  3. Mulloy's Music! I really want to read your post, but the link isn't working! Can you please check it out?

  4. Hello! I'm an elementary music teacher in Indiana and am contemplating the use of Arf! on the Housetop for next years Christmas program for grades K-2. Could you share your thoughts on the musical as a whole? kinda like a mini review:) Thanks!

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