Monday, 6 January 2014

Call for 2/4 Tuesday!

It is cold. I mean COLD. Minus 47 degrees C with the wind chill cold. -53 F! 
Happy first day of school everyone. I live in the land of Winter. Where school is NEVER cancelled.

Anyways… I am also back… with 2/4 Tuesdays! I will be hosting this linky party the first Tuesday of each month instead of every week. I found that it was getting…old. I'm freshening it up by making it a monthly party!

It's baaa-aack!

Tomorrow, join me and create a blog post about 2-4 ideas that you are implementing in your classroom (or are planning to implement) and link up to to my post tomorrow to join in the fun!

If you don't have a blog yet, be sure to check back for everyone's great ideas!

See you tomorrow!

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