Monday, 3 February 2014

FREEBIE- Valentine Rhythm Postcards!

I love singing songs about letters and valentines with my grade 1 and 2 classes in February. Usually when singing these songs, I have rhythm cards in an envelope and students take turns pulling a rhythm and clapping it when the song is finished.

This week though, I found a treasure at Target for a dollar! I love those dollar bins!
I also made some rhythm postcards to share for FREE! Click HERE to get them!

I will be putting my mailbox of rhythms in the middle of our singing circle. As the Valentine's Day song is being sung, someone goes around the circle tapping heads (duck, duck, goose style) until the song is over. The person who is tapped last, gets to go to the mailbox and get their postcard to clap for the class.

Tomorrow I will be hosting my monthly linky party 2/4 Tuesday! Post about 2-4 things you are doing, or planning on doing, in your Music class! Be sure to tune in!

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