Tuesday, 4 February 2014

2/4 Tuesday- Choral Repertoire!

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My choirs are in full music festival mode! This time of year is always fun, busy and sometimes stressful! I do find it less stressful every year, as I have gotten to know my singers better and better and can choose repertoire that suits their voices and that they will enjoy.

1. Riversong by Andy Beck, published by Alfred
This is a beautiful piece of music. I adore Andy Beck. This piece has gorgeous phrasing and vocal lines that move fluidly over top of the glistening piano accompaniment. My grade 4-6 choir kids love singing this because it sounds so beautiful. We sang the verses on "loo" first and painted our phrases, each holding a feather in the air. This was the hook for them; using a prop to create a beautiful image as well as sophisticated sound.
Click HERE to listen to Riversong by Andy Beck on the JW Pepper website.

2. Thunder! by Sally Albrecht, published by Alfred
This is the other piece that my grade 4-6 Choir is performing at our city music festival. So fun and exciting! This is a great contrast to the deep poetic and smooth phrases of Riversong. My kids absolutely love the speech pattern in the middle of this piece. 
Click HERE to listen to Thunder! by Sally Albrecht on the Alfred website.

I would love to hear what your choirs sing and perform! I haven't shared too much about choir and I am really interested to see what sorts of things people are doing!

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