Saturday, 22 March 2014

Great Resources for Orff Ensembles!

Our grade 4 and 5/6 Orff Clubs performed this past week at our city music festival and had a blast! 
Putting together Orff ensembles can be a lot of work, but the following resources make it very accessible for  students in grades 4-6. 

By Doug Goodkin
My grade 4 Orff Club performed Humpty Dumpty (5 movements) from this excellent book! Goodkin has some great arrangements in here that make traditional Nursery Rhymes engaging and interesting for students.

By Paul Corbiere
I LOVE this resource! Every piece is fantastic. Kids love it! This is accessible for the Music classroom as well. The pieces in here range from BAG recorder songs in common time (Dix Ans) to a song in five (Five Jive) that includes a high E in the recorder part. This resource by Paul Corbiere is on my TOP FIVE list at the moment! Check out the audio of my Grade 4 Orff Club performing DIX ANS- HERE!

By Walt Hampton
 If you don't have these books by Walt Hampton already… GET THEM NOW! The pieces in them are so fun and kids absolutely love the compositions. Check out our Grade 5/6 Orff Club performing Walt Hampton's WAVES- HERE!

What are some of your favourite resources for Orff ensembles? What are you using in your classroom right now?

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